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About Me

Welcome to my online pincushion boutique! Here you'll find loose emery to keep your pins and needles sharp in your very own handmade pincushions.

I've realized that I have too many sites to maintain, so I'm consolidating. If you're looking to buy my unique, handmade emery pincushions, you'll find them in my etsy shop. I hope you'll visit me there!

My name is Dotty. I live and create in the beautiful Middletown valley in Maryland. I design, make and sell pincushions.

I want my pincushions to be even more functional and even cuter than what you'll find at the local craft store. I think they are. Most of my pincushions don't just provide a place to store your pins, they're filled with emery to keep them sharp at the same time.

Are you familiar with the classic Tomato Pincushion and Strawberry? Do you know the purpose of that strawberry? It's filled with a mineral called "emery". Its purpose is to keep your pins sharp. Several years ago, I went on a search for a larger emery pincushion and there were none to be found. I searched out an industrial supplier of emery and started making my own. I've been selling them ever since. They began as simple squares and rectangles covered in cotton. Later I began making them into fun shapes - pea pods, fried eggs, tomatoes, bunnies, and strawberries. The collection of fun shapes continues to grow.

I also started making matching cotton Pincushion Rings stuffed with polyester fiber fill. They're so cute and so practical. They keep your pins and needles "right at hand". No more sticking your pins in the arm rest of your chair or in your pant leg! No more lost pins for your family to find in all the wrong places.

After creating stuffed rings, I designed Emery Pincushion Rings. That's right - Pincushion Rings filled with Emery. Now they're even more practical. Your pins are close AND sharpened with every jab!

If you sew or need a gift for someone that does, a matching Emery Pincushion and Pincushion Ring are the perfect pincushion system. Anyone that sews will appreciate it!

Are you wondering if you can trust me? I admit that I sometimes have that thought when considering a purchase from a stand-alone site. You're welcome to check my etsy shop where I have over 1,800 positive feedbacks.

If you purchase from me, I promise that you'll receive a quality product, as described, and quickly.

I hold copyrights on the unique designs of my Pincushion Rings. All three of them are official and registered with the US Copyright Office. Each one covers a collection - Pincushion Rings, Emery Pincushion Rings, and Pincushion Pal Rings (includes sock monkey, bunny, flower, owl, etc).

Please see my Policy Page before purchasing for important information and all the little details.

I hope you'll check back from time to time to see what's new. You can always follow me on my blog to get updates.

Thanks so much for visiting! Feel free to contact me anytime.


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A glimpse into my sewing room....

My Sewing Table

Emery Pincushion Storage

Pincushion Ring Storage